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We at The Little Collar are passionate about helping dogs by using adorable wristbands (that look like little collars!) to raise money to donate to shelters. Today, there are hundreds of millions of neglected and stray dogs suffering around the world. Lacking in both knowledge and necessary resources, communities in developing countries frequently resort to inhumane methods of animal population control failing to solve the underlying problem.


Our goal behind founding The Little Collar was simple... to create a brand that helps spread awareness of the stray dog problem that exists today, support animal shelters in developing countries with the resources they need most, promote continued education around responsible pet ownership, and boost adoption rates along the way. For every Little Collar wristband sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need.

The Little Collar all started with Julia. Where would we be without her?! From the inception and idea behind The Little Collar to teaching herself how to sew the wristbands from scratch to drawing the dog logo we all know and love, Julia continues to drive the brand and direction behind TLC. Her love and desire to feed as many dogs as she can, combined with her courage to pursue her dreams, has already generated over a year's worth of food to dog's in need to-date! 


Curious about how she came up with the idea for the Little Collar? Check out one of our first blog posts where Julia tells all: Journey to The Little Collar.


The Little Collar is something of a family business. Julia's sister, Erika, also helps craft wristbands and organizes regular social media posts. Without her help, the team would have a lot of trouble making as many The Little Collar wristbands as needed! Luckily, it is a good problem to have to keep up with all the TLC orders!    Erika is the glue that keeps TLC together. Her creativity and graphic design skills are utilized on a daily basis and she's constantly bringing new ideas to the table. The newest website redesign and vision was all Erika! If you were able to purchase a TLC sweatshirt, you can also thank her for that. Erika can often be found working side-by-side with Julia and her diverse role and responsibilities play an integral part to The Little Collar's continued success and growth.    Together they are the dream team.


With a background in sales and business, Rick focuses on building new relationships and utilizing his communication skills as needed. If you have to speak with someone at TLC, odds are you're going to be speaking with him! Though he's often grumpy at internal meetings, he ensures the team maintains a realistic mindset and keeps things in check. Whether it's becoming an LLC or setting up meetings and future opportunities, he can be thought of as the executive "voice".  Rick's highly organized drive and focus has helped focus sales of the wristbands, and he keeps the Little Collar moving in the right direction.        


Alexa focuses on the legal aspect of The little Collar and tries to keep the team up to speed on change social media tactics implemented by Facebook and Instagram. Alexa also specializes in all things photography and social media (her dog Jax has an IG account with over 18,000 followers! @Jaxtheconqueror). One would argue her photographs are "magical" which may be derived from her borderline obsession with Harry Potter. While Erika, Julia, and Rick hold down the fort in the east coast, Alexa represents the west coast.  

Together, The Little Collar works to create wristbands to be sent across the country. For every The Little Collar sold, a days worth of food is donated to a dog in need. The TLCs are hand made in America. The Little Collar wristbands are perfect for men, women, and children. It is a gift that is more than just a fashion statement - these wristbands symbol your commitment to helping dogs around the globe. These TLCs have so much potential to help dogs around the world. Helping dogs is the number one focus of The Little Collar - and helping people look adorable by sporting their wristbands is just an added bonus!

The Little Collar is based out of New England. The Headquarters are in North Andover. The Little Collar wristbands are made by hand, with fabrics ordered specifically for each season. These TLCs are hand crafted every season - during the summer, seasonal favorites included watermelon and pineapple patterns. For fall, pumpkin spiced latte TLC wristbands will certainly be a top flavor. All these TLC wristbands will help dogs around the globe. The Little Collar donates a days worth of food for each wristband sold.

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