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August 21, 2017


Julia: The OG 


Where would we be without her?! From the inception and idea behind The Little Collar to teaching herself how to sew to drawing the logo we all know and love, Julia continues to drive the brand and direction behind TLC. Her love and desire to feed as many dogs as she can, combined with her courage to pursue her dreams, has already generated over a year's worth of food to dog's in need to-date! 


Curious about how she came up with the idea? Check out one of our first blog posts where Julia tells all: Journey to The Little Collar


                                                           Favorite TLC: Spangle

                                                           Pet Peeve: Overpowering perfume

                                                           Nickname(s): Lil J & Ju




Rick: The Exec


With a background in sales and business, Rick focuses on building new relationships and utilizing his communication skills as needed. If you have to speak with someone at TLC, odds are you're going to be speaking with him! Though he's often grumpy at internal meetings, he ensures the team maintains a realistic mindset and keeps things in check. Whether it's becoming an LLC or setting up meetings and future opportunities, he can be thought of as the executive "voice".


Favorite TLC: Tuck 

Pet Peeve: Smells (R is a self-proclaimed smell snob) 

Nickname: R



Erika: The Creative


Erika is the glue that keeps TLC together. Her creativity and graphic design skills are utilized on a daily basis and she's constantly bringing new ideas to the table. The newest website redesign and vision was all Erika! If you were able to purchase a TLC sweatshirt, you can also thank her for that. Erika can often be found working side-by-side with Julia and her diverse role and responsibilities play an integral part to The Little Collar's continued success and growth.


Favorite TLC(s): Melon and Shark Bait ooh ah ah

Pet Peeve: Do NOT wear shoes on her bed

                                                           Nickname(s): Not AIRIK, rika-e-a, Big E




Alexa: The West Coast Wizard


Alexa specializes in all things photgraphy and social media (her dog Jax has an IG account with over 18,000 followers! @Jaxtheconqueror). One would argue her photographs are "magical" which may be derived from her borderline obsession with Harry Potter. While Erika, Julia, and Rick hold down the fort in the east coast, Alexa represents the west coast. 


Favorite TLC: Colada

Pet Peeve: Being compared to the Amazon Alexa device 

Nickname(s): Lex, Lexa, Lexifer 


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Journey to The Little Collar

June 14, 2017

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