For every Little Collar sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need


Q - "Is this for me or a dog?"

A - Though our name is 'The Little Collar' we are actually selling wristbands for humans. We purposely designed them to resemble the appearance of a miniature dog collar! 

Q - "How do I know that you are actually donating a day of food to a dog in need for each Little Collar sold?"

A - Here at TLC, we will always be as transparent as we can to ensure you know we are genuinely serious in our efforts to save as many dogs as we can. We will always proudly display our current and future animal shelters in our Donations & Media page and encourage you to contact these shelters to verify our claims.

Q - "What % of every purchase is used to provide a day's worth of food to a dog in need?"

- Because we provide food to animal shelters in varying developing countries, our associated costs are constantly fluctuating and subject to change. Our short term goals are to provide a day of food for a dog in need, but, our long term goals are far more ambitious. Please be certain, our company's foundation is built upon an overpowering love of dogs. We intend to use all of the resources at our disposal to make a meaningful impact.

Q - "Can I buy a matching TLC dog collar for my pup?"

- While we do not produce matching TLC dog collars today, it is something that we absolutely plan to develop in the future. For now, we ask for you and your puppy's patience ;)

Q - "How do you select which animal shelter(s) to donate the dog food to?"

- There really isn't an exact science here and we are ALWAYS looking for suggestions. If you know of an animal shelter (in a developing country) that could use our help, please send us an email at

Q - "Why do you donate a day of food to a dog in need in developing country's animal shelters and not locally in the USA?"

- First, we'd like to preface this answer by acknowledging the need for food/resources, etc. for animal shelters right here in the USA. However, our company's inception stemmed from directly witnessing the horrific conditions that dogs in developing countries endure and the complete lack of support given to those who try and help. Despite often lacking necessary fundamental human resources like food and clean water, these men and women (we like to call them heroes) do everything they can for the millions of puppies in need. We'd like to do everything in our power to help them with their efforts! These developing countries are our focus today, but we hope to also expand to include the US down the road.

Q - "What size should I get?"

A - If you are between sizes, we recommend going with the larger of the two to ensure you have a bit of wiggle room. For example, if you are between a small and a large, go for the large. Additionally, if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

Q - "How do I measure my wrist?"

A - If you don't have measuring tape handy, simply use a piece of string (or paper) to measure your wrist and lay the string (or paper) back out on a ruler to get your measurement (in inches). After you've retrieved your measurement, compare it against our sizing guide!

Q - "What's your return policy?"

A - We stand behind each TLC that we hand-make! If you are anything but completely satisfied, please send us an email at and we will make sure to take care of you.

Q - "Is my Little Collar wristband waterproof?"

A - Absolutely! Our Little Collars are made of 100% cotton and  are 100% waterproof. Excessive exposure to water and sun may cause the colors to fade a bit... some people prefer this vintage look! 

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