For every Little Collar sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need

So what is the The Little Collar (TLC)? Well, for starters, it's actually a wristband worn by you (a human) that symbolizes and represents our efforts to provide a day of food to a dog in need. Ultimately, we hope to provide resources and heightened awareness to animal shelters and dogs in impoverished countries around the world. Each Little Collar wristband is personally handmade (no two collars are the same!) in the USA with love and admiration for man’s best friend. By wearing one of our Little Collars, you're standing with us in our fight to make a difference. We encourage you to not only tell our story, but also, become part of it!On their annual trips to visit family in Ecuador, Julia & Erika witnessed firsthand the suffering and neglect stray dogs in poverty stricken communities face each day. Leaving the country feeling unsettled and guilty that they couldn’t realistically adopt and feed them all, they came up with a more practical strategy to make an impact. Driven by a shared love of dogs and a passion to help alleviate the burden so many animal shelters face, The Little Collar was founded in 2017. For every Little Collar sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need! Today, there are hundreds of millions of neglected and stray dogs suffering around the world. Lacking in both knowledge and necessary resources, communities in developing countries frequently resort to inhumane methods of animal population control failing to solve the underlying problem. Our goal behind founding The Little Collar was simple.. to create a brand that helps spread awareness of the stray dog problem that exists today, support animal shelters in developing countries with the resources they need most, promote continued education around responsible pet ownership, and boost adoption rates along the way. For every Little Collar sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need. Located in Boston, MassachusettsEmail us at:

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